Information & Background

Bi Concrete Design specializes in concrete flooring applications, sealing/hardening warehouses, polished concrete, construction joint filling, stained concrete throughout Montana and the Northwest United States.  

Bi Concrete's team handles large commercial projects in the tens of thousands of square feet to custom residential projects. With over twenty million square feet of experience and several industry certifications Bi Concrete has created a knowledgeable and elite team over the last 10 years for your project.


Concrete floors are a popular choice of material for designers and homeowners.  The versatility of  choices in finish, coloring, textures, patterns, and cuts are only a few of the reasons concrete floors are popping up in restaurants, retail stores, offices, showrooms, warehouses and homes everywhere.  Some of the major benefits of concrete floors is their affordability and life span compared to other flooring options, their durability and ease of maintenance, and their diversity. Additionally,  Installing a decorative concrete floor can be quite cost-effective, particularly if you already have a concrete slab that is being planed for concrete flooring.

Archritectural precast and concrete countertops production another creative skill and innovation of Bi Concrete. Appeal to people who want something unique, hand-crafted and personalized. Unlike factory-made countertops such as formica or granite, concrete countertops are one of a kind each time and tailor made for each owner or designer. Allowing complete customization in color, finish, size, shape and edge detail. They also can have a natural, organic look and texture, rather than a synthetic, manufactured appearance. See precast products above and or request a bid today.

Many homeowners and designers are finding that concrete sinks are a perfect fit for achieving distinctive-looking basins. Because concrete can be poured to shape any form, concrete fits the bill for any type of sink imaginable.  Whether it's square, rectangular, oval, round, or integral, concrete can be shaped to blend into any designer or owners and style. Concrete sinks, vanities and pedestals, marked by the elegance of deep colors and strong, clean lines, add drama, style and grace to any bathroom or powder room.

Joint filling and sealing protects concrete form damage or further damage of joints and cracks.  The filler is  able to accommodate the concrete slabs expansion and contraction along with movement. The materials purpose is to prevent damage and contamination of chemicals, bacteria or harsh natural elements such as freeze thaw. Filling joint's also prevents water and moisture from creating sink holes in and under the concretes slabs sub-structure which ultimately is the support of the concrete slabs. 

Concrete truly is versatile.  Bi Concrete Design can help you make your mark with custom highend flooring to precast pieces such as fireplaces, benches, tables, furniture, and more contact us with your design or ask us for design help too.

Many concrete floors have been covered with title, paint, vinyl, etc.  Requiring removal of the binders. This can be removed easily by machines either for preparation of new flooring or remodeling to a fully polish renovated floor and or slab. This process also can remove some uneven concrete flooring problems.