Construction Joint Fill / Caulking -


Two Part Polyurea Joint Fill- SH-65 and SH85– top of the line in joint fill, protecting the concrete from sink holes, denigration and

contamination . Sheer hardness “SH” describes the expansion limitations of materials depending on use of  the facility. Avaiavle in color selection. 


Security Pick Proof Epoxies Caulking- is a two part epoxy caulking use in facilities such as detention centers for safety to close small areas and openings preventing prohibited items from being hidden.

Security pick proof caulking.

Construction Joint fill Montana.

Joint fill Wyoming.

Many large joint fill and seal 60,000 sq. ft. + projects completed such as;  Wal-Mart, Old Dominion Freight, FedEx and T&E World Headquarters across the North West United States!


Bi Concrete’s has the ability to do up to 5000 linear feet a day!