Questions About My Concrete?


Can you do stained and polish concrete on old concrete?

Yes, all decorative applications are done after placement of concrete. 


Should I protect my concrete from other contractors?

Yes, your G.C. and or you are responsible for your concrete at all times do not trust other trades to care about your project.


Can I get samples before we start?

Yes you can get a sample of colors and or levels of polish. Depending on the job size there may be a cost or down payment required before samples are preformed. 


How soon can I schedule Bi Concrete?

We usually have a three week advance notice. But, we like to be in contact with in 4 weeks to install schedule and perform efficiently. We value every project but do not make exceptions for laziness or rush projects. First come first serve. 


Is there anything that can ruin my concrete?

Yes, oil, lacquers, red chalk, paint. Remember the more work more money.


Is concrete flooring expensive?

Most concrete flooring is comparable or cheaper than other flooring selections after install cost. Of course the more high-end and custom the project it can surpass some lower-end flooring. 


What are the onsite necessities?

Bi Concrete needs water, good lighting, drainage, and power capabilities and open clear area for install.