Polished Concrete Gallery!

Polished Concrete Classes and levels 


Price ranges - 0.80- $13.00  per square foot depending on design.

 Burnish/Hone Polish– Light hone and seal of surface only little to no exposure or materials removed.

 Resin Bond Polish-  Honing  the surface  light sand to no sand using resin bonded diamonds.

 Metal Bond Class B – Removal of top surface paste of slab to exposure  of light sand to medium aggregates depending on slab placement.

 Metal Bond Class C – Exposure of medium to large aggregates  depending on placement.

 Metal Bond Class D -  Max exposure of aggregates depending on placement. Common practice to "seed or toss"  aggregates into slab during placement.

Polished Concrete  - Using consecutive diamonds to the desired depth of aggregate exposure and honing to desired shine, hardening in the processes to build durability. Staining with solvent dyes into the pores of the concrete and locking in the dyes with hardener crystals. Solvent dyes allow color mixing and pin point stenciling and logo designs. Finishing with guard for lifelong protection with minimal maintenance.


Bi Concrete Design’s certified installers create a unique and low ownership cost  for new and old concrete. Polished concrete flooring is unparallel to  any other hard surface flooring .


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