Preparation Tips for Commercial Projects:


Bi Concrete Design and Fabrication has assisted many businesses and facilities in enhancing their concrete projects. To help us help you, we have a few suggestions for your concrete floor preparation…


  • Avoid heavy floor preparation time by ensuring that all contractors (painters, sheet rock installers, mudders/ tapers ect.) protect the floor throughout the construction period and clean the area thoroughly after use. Solvents, oils, and paints can all damage the concrete beyond repair. 

  • Make it apparent to all parties involved that the area / floor is going to be finished as polished or decorative concrete.

  • While work is occurring on your concrete, protect it! However, do not use plywood to cover your floor. Often times the wood becomes wet and releases a glue, like substance that can be difficult to remove from the concrete. We find that the cardboard rolls work best. The care that is put into protecting your floor will be reflected in the overall finish.

  • Schedule time for Bi Concrete to have the work space free of other workers and activities.

  • Our team prefers to work in your space before the baseboards and door kicks are installed. 


After Bi Concrete completes the job be sure to follow all instructions given by our team (including signage). The area may look completed, however many sealers and products used in our work require curing and drying time. Let us judge when your project is ready for your enjoyment.