Sealed Densified/ Hardened Concrete Gallery

Sealed/Hardened Concrete  -  The process of chemically binding and filling voids in the concrete with crystals. Creating a harder and denser, i.e. “densified/hardened” concrete surface. Protecting the concrete from denigration, dusting and abrasion resistance  for warehouses and storage facilities  with low cost.


Function: Prevents surface from denigration and dusting off also increasing she PSI on the surface of the slab. No topical film to break down and can be maintained by conditioners  throughout its life with regular daily cleaning. Creates a durable floor for long life with little cost. Provides shine and eye appeal.


Limits: Will repel liquids and have easy clean up capabilities. But, will not protects against chemical stains and or acids from damaging the concrete surface.


Topical Guards -  A topical guard sacrificially provides protection. Complementary to hardening the concrete to temporarily repeal stains from chemically damaging to the concrete surface. Provides a virtual no film sealer. Applied twice a year and conditioned regularly with cleaning, will build great industrial floor for offices, retail stores and commercial settings with low cost.


Function: Builds a high shine to concrete with little to non film build for scratches. Burnished or honed surface with diamond impregnated pads. Protects from stains and acid temporally for clean up before harsh liquids damaging the concrete surface. Provides good protection with low maintenance green floor properties. 


Limits: Only protects temporarily 3-6 hours against harsh liquids for clean up. Repair easily with preparation and recoat in house.


Topical Sealers - Solvent and Water based topical sealer provides a high solids film over the surface of the concrete. Protects the surface of concrete from stains and damage, creating a high shine and maximum protection. While solvent sealers wear better, water based and topical sealers can be used to build the perfect system for in house maintenance care.


Function: Builds a high shine  and protects the surface of the concrete, with a noticeable film, from stains and acids. Engineered to take the damage noticeably and be recoated. Used with acid stained concrete in most cases.


Limits: Should be recoated every 1-3 times a year with depending traffic. High solid films show scratches and traffic patters requiring continued maintenance program. If not maintained, could result in expensive removal preparation and re-seal of concrete.



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